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You Are In Charge. Take Control. Do the work.

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Unf*ck Yourself


This project started after dinner with a friend. How could I put together an easy to follow plans to improve the performance of people in the gym without having to buy lots of extra equipment. The plans needed to be straightforward and the drills uncomplicated. Everything needed to to be simple and simultaneously tackle range of motion, stability, strength, and coordination. With short PDF's and easy to follow videos I found the solution. Don't let common problems that stall out performance bring your gains to a grinding halt. Take control. Do the Work. Start Unf*cking. 



Whatever training endeavor you pursue, the body needs to be firing on all cylinders for you to perform optimally. This page is designed to help you fine tune the positions and control of your body so you can lift more, run farther, train harder, and feel better. No one can look after you better than you. Use these simple and effective strategies to stay on top of your game. 

Travis Jewett is a strength coach and chiropractor in Northwest Iowa. He lectures worldwide with MobilityWOD (a human performance company run by physical therapist Kelly Starrett) teaching athlete assessment, biomechanics, self care, and optimal performance in the big lifts. He is certified through StrongFirst in barbells and kettlebells and is a CrossFit L1. He can be contacted by email at